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Notable Cases

Some diverse examples of cases handled by the firm, which have resulted in published opinions, include:

> Dixon v. Weitekamp-Diller (4th Dist. 2012), 979 N.E.2d 98 (Appellate court confirmation of lower court ruling in favor of client beneficiaries in connection with multi-million dollar trusts)

> Daugherty v. Burns (4th Dist. 2002), 331 Ill.App.3d 562, 772 N.E.2d 237, 265 Ill.Dec. 199 (Appellate Court finding in favor of client’s ability to terminate farm tenancy);

> Weaver v. Cummins (4th Dist. 2001), 323 Ill.App.3d 359, 751 N.E.2d 628, 256 Ill.Dec. 238 (Appellate Court ruling allowing for easement but denying the particular use sought by the opposing party);

> Bank One, Springfield v. Roscetti (4th Dist. 1999), 309 Ill.App.3d 1048, 723 N.E.2d 755, 243 Ill.Dec. 452 (Appellate Court ruling in favor of lender client reversing the decision of the circuit court in regard to enforcement of personal guarantee on a commercial loan);

> Snyder v. Curran Twp. (1995), 167 Ill.2d 466, 657 N.E.2d 988, 212 Ill.Dec. 643 (Illinois Supreme Court ruling in favor of client that discretionary municipal immunity did not shield municipality from negligent sign placement);

> Springfield Rare Coin Galleries v. Mileham (4th Dist. 1993), 250 Ill.App.3d 922, 620 N.E.2d 479, 189 Ill.Dec. 511 (Appellate Court ruling in favor of client that former employer’s noncompete agreement unenforceable, and upholding conversion claim against employer);

> Sexton v. Marine Bank of Springfield (4th Dist. 1993), 247 Ill.App.3d 763, 617 N.E.2d 869, 187 Ill.Dec. 412 (Appellate Court invalidating property deed and finding in favor of client);

> Martin v. State Journal-Register (4th Dist. 1993), 244.Ill.App.3d 955, 612 N.E.2d 1357, 184 Ill.Dec. 197 (Appellate Court affirming dismissal of libel action against client);

> John Carey Oil Co. Inc. v. W.C.P. Investments (1988), 126 Ill.2d 139, 533 N.E.2d 851, 127 Ill.Dec. 769 (Illinois Supreme Court ruling in case of first impression that client owner-operator of oil lease could impose statutory lien against co-owner, and applying such new rule retroactively to benefit client);

> Conner v. Copley Press, Inc. (1984), 99 Ill.2d 382, 459 N.E.2d 955, 76 Ill.Dec. 820 (Supreme Court ruling in favor of client finding that statute of limitations was not tolled in defamation action);

> Inn of the Lamplighter v. Kramer (4th Dist. 1984), 128 Ill.App.3d 317, 470 N.E.2d 1205, 83 Ill.Dec 785 (Appellate Court finding in favor of client in mandamus action to compel State to institute condemnation proceeding for loss of access); and

> People ex. rel. Director of Finance v. Y.W.C.A. (1981), 86 Ill.2d 219, 427 N.E.2d 70, 55 Ill.Dec. 950 (Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of condemnation client, holding State’s attempt to take client’s property for new courts complex invalid).

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